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In the United States, the industry is a leader in co- generation, where high-pressure steam is used "first to drive electric turbines, and then is used a second time for process applications demanding steam or heat, a dual use which is more efficient than using the energy just to • produce electricity.

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Proceedings of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings. ISSN 2282-5819 . an Excellent Feedstock for Second Generation Biofuels in the North Central Region of the Usa High Efficient Energy Production with Cereal Straw as Fuel - How is it Possible?


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The finite element models of two 35 story high-rise buildings were verified with the real high-rise building structure using the experimental data. The two high-rise building fundamental frequencies data were experimentally obtained during the different stages of the construction process.

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The Oil Palm Wastes in Malaysia. By N. Abdullah and F. Sulaiman. and power-generation with steam turbines as described in Section 2.2. World palm oil production in 1990 doubled to 11.0 million tonnes from 5.0 million tonnes in 1980, and by the year 2000, the production doubled to 21.8 million tonnes. A closed anaerobic system is

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Overview of Obtaining Alternative Fuels in The Coliquefaction Processes with Biomass and Coal in Malaysia aiming to produce the second-generation biofuels, which has no competition with food and (September 30th 2015). Overview of Obtaining Alternative Fuels in The Coliquefaction Processes with Biomass and Coal in Malaysia, Biofuels

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BIOFUELS. which are an opportunity for development and employment. as stated by great European Countries and the providing high incentives.5 million tons of fuels needed to cover 10% of equivalent energy from biofuels (supposing the use of second generation biofuels). mainly through the use of industrial residues.

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High efficient fuel refuel,Cost-effective fuel dispenser,tatsuno pump with fuel machine for Peru Intech ITS tanks provide a solid solution Mining and Oilfield Significant production operations benefit from larger volume INTECH ITS fuel tanks. Energy Saving City Gas Fuel 6 T/H Boiler WNS series gas/oil fired steam boiler is horizontal